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The ways to make dog love you

Dogs are very loyal and intelligent animals. You can create lasting friendships with them. Read on for tips on how to properly love a dog and make one loyal to you.


1 Be consistent. There's nothing more frustrating for a dog than an owner that can't make up his/her mind. If you hear him/her howling in the night, go to him/her and comfort him/her. Then they will bond with you.

2 Use single word commands like 'sit' and 'stay' and stick to them. Don't use 'stay' one day and 'wait' the next. If you teach a dog to lie down by saying 'down', don't teach him to get off of the couch by saying 'down'. He'll think you want him to lie down; use 'off' instead.

3 Be pleased with your dog. When he behaves favorably, praise him and reward him.

4 Use a friendly tone. When he does something undesired, use a stern, friendly tone.

5 Don't ever hit your dog. Displays of aggression only teach the dog to be defensive and therefore aggressive, when abused.

6 Socialize your dog with people and other dogs. He will learn to be friendly to both if he is familiar with them.

7 Make sure your dog gets all the play, walks and exercise he needs. Dogs with pent up energy tend to become destructive and depressed.

8 Make sure your dog understands the pecking order of his "pack". If you have children, he should be below them on a pack level. The owner or primary caretaker of the dog should be the "alpha" the dog should respect this leader. If the alpha is not present, the dog may try to take charge. Dogs need to be part of a pack to be happy.

9 Give your dog outlets for stress, boredom, or frustration. If he chews, give him or her chew toys or balls. But do not EVER give a dog a raw bone as the dog can and will chew off small shards and can choke on those pieces. If he digs, make him a "dig box" (a wooden frame in the ground, filled with soft dirt, this saves your yard!).
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