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Chickens as Pets

It is no secret that chickens are often kept for their economic value as food products or commodities, but as the signs of the times would prove, there has been a significant increase of people keeping chickens as pets, standing to make a difference in the reasons why people keep chickens.

As the 2000 released CGI animated feature Chicken Run managed to depict the typical “production-inclined” care and keeping of chickens, the truth behind having chickens as pets is not as demanding as keeping them for food is, only requiring significant attention to the way pet chicken owners treat and take care of their pets.
Chickens as Pets
Enclosures and ample spaces

A chicken coop remains to be a basic must-have for pet chickens, standing as the habitat where they sleep and lay their eggs, if hens are being talked about. Ideally, a chicken coop should provide pet chickens ample space to wander about, as well as properly fence them from going beyond its boundaries.


When talking about poultry farms, cleanliness stands to be a priority. The same discipline towards cleanliness is also required with pet chickens, with regular chicken coop cleanups and even bathing standing as a pet chicken owner’s responsibility.

Veterinary Requirements

Though the average chicken isn’t liable to constantly get sick, it is still advisable for pet owners to have their chickens regularly checked, given the different risks they are exposed to while foraging for bugs or bits of food outdoors.

Ideally, pet chickens should be fed with proper diet menus too, something which a vet can provide to pet chicken owners.


Ideally, pet chicken owners are required to spend significant time with their pet chickens, given how beneficial regular interaction with human beings can be for them.

Though far from being interactive as other interactive pets like cats and dogs, human interaction with pet chickens is known to make them more calm and collected, doing away with their “wild” instincts of running away when seeing a human being.

As pets, pet chickens are known to boast benefits to their masters. Their natural inclinations for small bugs and larvae makes them “organic pest control” methods for households, allowing pet chicken owners a “utility aspect” to be found in their pets.
Chickens as Pets

Chickens as Pet

Chickens as Pets

Chickens as Pet
Chickens as Pets Video
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