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Dutch Smoushond (Hollandse Smoushond , Smoushond)

The Dutch Smoushond has a long double coat of protective, rugged, course, wiry hair giving the dog a carefree, untidy appearance. The color is straw-yellow. Long, straight, wiry hair forms a beard, mustache and eyebrows. The back of the forelegs are thinly feathered. The small eyes are bright with black pigmented lids. The nose and lips are black and the eyes are dark. The feet are small and rounded. The ears are triangular - set high on the head. The firm, straight forelegs and flexible hind legs are well-muscled. The skull is slightly rounded, with a distinct stop and a moderately long muzzle. The jaws are strong. When the dog is relaxed, the tail hangs limply. The cat-like feet are compact and covered with long hair. The forehead is strong and slightly rounded. The body is well balanced and close to the ground.


This easy care, obedient house-dog is a friendly and charming companion. The Smoushond tends to be quiet with those he does not know, but is loving with those that he does know. This skillful, intelligent dog has considerable adaptability. It is alert with a sense of humor. Dependent, sober and sensitive. They make good watchdog. Do not allow this dog to become yappy. They need to be corrected if their barking becomes obsessive. They get along well with children and happily accept the family cat. Most Dutch Smoushond get along well with other dogs. The Dutch Smoushond is eager to please, which means training them is not hard. It is important, though, to ensure that you are consistent towards them because some can try to take over if they get an idea that their handler is rather easy-going. Proper human to canine communication is essential.

Height, Weight 

Height: 14-17 inches (35-42 cm.)
Weight: 20-22 pounds (9-10 kg.)

Health Problems *

Living Conditions 

The Dutch Smoushond will do okay in an apartment as long as it gets adequate exercise. The Smoushond should live indoors. It prefers cooler climates.


This untiring breed needs daily, long walks where the dog is made to heel beside or behind the human holding the lead, as instinct tells a dog the leader leads the way, and that leader needs to be the human. They love to go swimming. Enrolling it in agility skills or ball playing courses would be a rewarding experience for both you and your dog. 

Life Expectancy About 12-15 years.


This is basically an easy care breed. The coat should have a shaggy unkempt look. Depending upon the quality of the coat, the Dutch Smoushond generally requires the hair to be plucked by hand about twice a year leaving the hair on the head alone as much as possible. You can take your dog to a professional groomer to have this done or learn to do it yourself. Between these grooming sessions, remove any excess hair from inside the ears and between the pads of the feet.


The exact origins of the Smoushond are unknown. However its looks suggest that it is partly related to the German Schnauzers. The Smoushond was popular in the late 1800's as a gentleman's companion. World War II pushed it to near extinction. Attempts were made to save the breed with little success. In the early 1970's, Mrs. H.M. Barkman began collecting information on the Smoushond, and by studying the pictures and old pedigrees, and talking to judges who remember the breed, she was able to re-create it through selective breeding. Today the Dutch Smoushond breeds pure for both types and temperament. A typical terrier, it is a gluttonous ratter, delighted to terrorize any rodent. The breed is now reasonably secure, with approximately 125 puppies registered each year. The Smoushond is hardly known outside the Netherlands, and most Dutch breeders express little interest in promoting it abroad.
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