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East Russian Coursing Hounds dogs

General Breed Information

Among the oldest and lesser known Russian sighthound breeds are the Taigan and Tasy. These two are also known as the East Russian Coursing Hounds. The Tasy comes from the desert plains just east of the Caspian Sea, while the Taigan comes from the Tien Shan region located right on the Chinese border. The Tasy has been used by rural hunters for coursing marmot, hare, fox, and even wolf. The Taigan has been adapted for during endurance work at high elevations. Taigans can retrieve and track by using their scenting abilities as well. There are only few East Russian Coursing Hounds left, and breeders are hoping that the numbers of this breed can be increased. 

East Russian Coursing Hounds are medium-sized dogs with a height that ranges from 22 to 28 inches. The coat of the Tasy is short and silky, and dogs of this breed have fringing on their ears and tail. The Taigan's coat, on the other hand, is long, thick, and may sometimes be wavy. Taigans also have heavy feathering on their thighs, ears, tail, front legs, and shoulders. The acceptable coat colours for the Tasy include gray, black and tan, and tan, while the Taigan usually comes in solid black, fawn, white, or gray. Taigans may also have white markings.

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