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Keep Dogs Out of Garden Areas, Lawns and Landscaping

With the ASPCA estimating there are about 75 million owned dogs in the United States, there’s no doubt that we love our furry friends! Unfortunately, not all dogs are the product of loving homes. Wild or stray dogs that roam freely can prey on livestock or family pets, become a danger to people or cause extensive damage to your property. Some may even carry the dreaded rabies virus.

Feral dogs live wherever there is habitat and a food source, most commonly in parks, under abandoned buildings and in rural wooded areas. These roving Rovers generally patrol at night and during the early morning hours. And while feral dogs can be a problem, even your neighbor’s dog can leave his “calling card” on your lawn! So what can you do about nuisance dogs that invade your property? Many areas offer trap, neuter and adopt programs or trap, neuter and release programs to help control the stray dog population. Your local humane league, SPCA, veterinarian or similar organization will be happy to give you additional information about these programs and methods.

When trapping, make sure to use a live animal cage large enough to hold the dog. To entice the dog into entering the trap, use a “mouth-watering” treat like dog food, any beef product, raw chicken or sardines. A Pet Detective in Canada, Vicky Vaughan actually realized that there were a lot of stories of dogs being recovered by hunters while they were cooking over campfires. So, you could try her method and light up your BBQ and cook something very fatty – bacon, tripe or hamburger, for example. Then just place a piece in the trap. The dog will find it difficult to resist something that tasty!

Once you catch the dog, be careful with it! Unfamiliar dogs may be frightened and could be dangerous to handle. Make sure to check in with your local animal control authorities or your local animal shelter for information on what to do with the animal.

How to Repel Stray Dogs and Keep “Neighbors’ Dog off my Lawn”!

To avoid the potential dangers in handling a trapped dog, a better option may be to learn how to repel dogs. You can find a myriad of “home remedy” dog repellent tips out there. Some people swear by garlic, chili pepper, olive or almond oil to keep the dogs away. Others say placing ammonia or vinegar soaked cotton balls around the part of your yard or garden that the dog is frequenting will drive them back. Just be ready to smell the ammonia or vinegar yourself (both are strong smells!), and don’t pour it directly on the ground as it may hurt your plants! Most people, however, find that these home remedies are hit-and-miss and try all of them without finding one that works effectively.

A better bet to keep Fido away may be to use a specially made dog repellent. Try applying a liquid or granular-based repellent around the perimeter of your yard that targets a dog’s keenly developed sense of smell and taste. You can also spray individual plants and flowers to protect them from doggy destruction. Liquid repellents protect large areas and also provide vertical protection, essential to your efforts to keep stray dogs out of the garden. By using both liquid and granular in combination, your worries about how to “keep the neighbors’ dog out of my yard” are over.

Another effective dog repellent is motion-activated sprinklers, which work by releasing a sudden jet of water. The spray, along with the tic-tic-tic sound, is sure to keep dogs off your property. You’ll no longer be asking to keep dogs “off my lawn” because they’ll be startled and conditioned to stay away.

Knowing your options on how to repel dogs is certainly the first step to reclaiming your yard from your uninvited canine invaders! Let us know how it goes!
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