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The Pros and Cons of Homemade Dog Food

If you’re a bit picky when it comes to feeding your dog, you should consider giving them homemade dog food.

You already know that keeping our pets well nourished and giving them a balanced diet is crucial to their health. It helps keep them away from illnesses, especially genetic ones like degenerative myelopathy. One of the latest trends in dog nutrition is preparing food for your pooch at home, using everyday ingredients found in your kitchen.

Contrary to popular belief, homemade dog food isn’t equal to table scraps; these are actually meals that you prepare from scratch and feed your dog. There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to giving them homemade meals. Below are a few.
Homemade Dog Food

It’s cheaper

You can just make their meals for less with a bunch of scrap meat and veggies that you can buy at the grocery. While you’re shopping for your weekly foodstuffs, you can just pick up a few things for your dog as well.

You know what’s in it

The best part about cooking your own dog food for your pet is that you can control what goes into the mix. Some canned dog food brands often say that they use all natural ingredients, but they might still contain preservatives which could be bed for your dog, especially if they’re sick with degenerative myelopathy.

It contains all the right nutrients

Knowing the right ingredients, you can make a healthy home-made meal for your dog that’s enough to cover all its nutritional needs. Dogs need a good amount of protein, but they also need carbohydrates and fiber in their diet. Feeding them a home cooked-meal that has fresh and natural ingredients will give them better digestion and a healthier nutrition.


It’s time consuming

Not only will you have to cook a meal for yourself or your family, you also have to make on for your dog. Giving them table scraps is not enough for a good diet, you have to prepare a meal from scratch for them.

It may not be enough

If you don’t give your dog the right type of food, you might miss out on important vitamins and minerals that they need. Fortunately, you can give them food supplement. These can be bought at any pet shops or you can even get them at your vet’s office.

You’ll always have to check with the vet

Unlike feeding your pet processed, readymade dog food, feeding you dog home –made dog food will mean that you have to check with the vet to know if the ingredients you’re using are fine. You will also have to ask about the right measurements and proportions for their meals.
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