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The Sloth

As the sloth’s popularity as a mainstay children’s favorite is argued to have been jump started by the Ice Age series of movies, the sloth’s reputation for being slow has long been established by naturalists, researchers and scientists, defining them as one of the more unique creatures in the world.

Sid, the prehistoric sloth appearing in the 2006 released Ice Age: The Meltdown and all the other Ice Age films, continues to be the champion character representing sloths, with his silly antics and witty banter brought to life by voice-actor John Leguizamo.
Though it has to be said that Sid, as a sloth, is different from the sloths found in Central and South America, his quirky physical characteristics and attributes have made today’s sloths well loved by children and households because of him.

However, given Ice Age’s prehistoric inclinations, it has to be said that Sid belongs to the prehistoric class of ground dwelling sloths which used to dominate the sloth population in the past. Today’s sloths are different by being predominantly arboreal, meaning they are often found as tree dwelling creatures.

Spending most of their days above ground, today’s sloths have somewhat evolved for “tree-based” survival, with their furs growing far from their extremities, in allowing them to readily move up on canopies using their limbs.

Though they don’t really spend all of their lives up on trees, sloths are known to only go down to the ground when the “call of nature” requires them to, typically only having to go only once in a week.

Bearing their cuddly form factors, there really is no mystery as to why sloths have been well loved as furry creatures. Though keeping one as a pet remains to be subject to different environmental and legal grounds, they are still valued by children as dream pets to have at home.


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