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Basketball toys and jerseys for dogs

Dog owners are well aware of how distinct and unique doggy personalities are, with different dogs having a myriad of interests which are just as diverse the interests of different people can be.

Basketball stands to be something a number of dogs share a common interest in, paving the way for the popularity of basketball toys and jerseys for dogs.

In 1997, a movie entitled Air Bud recognized how interested dogs are with basketball, with the story touching up on how basketball became the common vantage point for two complete strangers, a boy and a runaway Golden Retriever.
Basketball toys and jerseys for dogs
As Golden Retrievers are practically known for their natural athletic inclinations, matched with their high intelligence factors, Air Bud’s simple story premise was well received by different fans of all ages, making it a popular reference for dogs and basketball even until today.

In fact, a large number of basketball toys and jerseys for dogs are patterned after the one’s featured in Air Bud, with some even coming in Air Bud-themed conventions, from the same uniform featured in the movie, to different doggy toys such as Frisbees and catch toys based on basketball themes.

Though not all dogs are actually capable of playing basketball under standard game rules and conventions, the makers of basketball toys for dogs are well aware of this fact and don’t just offer products which only specially trained or basketball-capable dogs can enjoy and play with.

In fact, most basketball-themed toys for dogs are dog toys first before being basketball specific toys, making them smart and fun investments as a “treat” for one’s dog.

This holiday season, if you’re lost with what gift to give to your furry best buddy, consider his or her interests. If basketball is his or her thing, the prospect of basketball toys and jerseys stand to be a smart move.
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