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Caring for a Bedridden Dog

Like humans, dogs also suffer from illnesses that could cause them to become bedridden. Illnesses like dm in dogs, arthritis and hip dysplasia will cause the dog to lose their ability to move around. Some owners find it easier to just put their beloved pet to sleep then to see their illness progress and become worst. For those who prefer to care for their dogs until the end, here are some tips on how to care for a bedridden dog.
Caring for a Bedridden Dog

Dogs that have problems with moving will most likely have a difficult time eating, as much as possible stay away from food that could pose as a choking hazard. Big pieces of meat and bones should not be included in their diet. Instead, give the dog something like a slurry or semi-liquid food. You can blend meat with some rice in a blender to get the right consistency. You can also purchase dog food that’s in paste form. Just keep in mind to ask the vet before changing their diet and to know their nutritional needs.


Let your dog rest on a big space. If you're planning to place it on a dog bed, make sure that it’s big enough so they can stretch their legs and paws. If you can't find a good dog bed, then use a makeshift one made out of floor paddings and foam. Your dog needs to be comfortable since they’ll spend all day lying down. You can also add some old throw pillows in to help elevate their bodies. Keep their bed and pillows covered with materials that you can easily clean.


Depending on how hot or cold your location is, you might need to give your dog a bath once or more times a week. If you’re living in a humid or tropical area, giving your dog a bath will not only keep them clean, it’ll also help keep them cool. Brush their fur daily to remove any dirt that could have suck on their fur.

Bathroom breaks
Some illness, such as dm in dogs, will cause them to lose control of their bladder. Some dog owners let their dog wear a diaper. They’d cut of a small hole where their dog’s tail goes into and securely wear the diaper on them. You can also assist them by locating their urinary tract and rubbing this area to move the urine out. 


Of course, never forget to give them attention. Spend some time playing with them and pet them. You need to move the dog around to avoid getting bed sores. Place them on the sofa so they can stay near you or on your lap while you watch TV. 
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