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How to Looking for Perfect Dog Names

There are so many great dog names to choose from, it can be hard to decide on the perfect name for your new furry kid!

Naming your dog is such an exciting time. It's something that the whole family -- even the kids -- can take part in.

But naming your dog is also “serious business”.

After all, you wouldn’t choose your child’s name lightly, would you? The same holds true when it comes to choosing a name for your dog. You are going to be saying and hearing this name for many years to come, so you’ll want to get it right!

Whether you're choosing masculine names, chocolate Lab names, names for white dogs, small pooch names or female puppy names, here are some tips to help ensure that you pick the perfect name for your four-legged family member.

Tips to Choosing Perfect Dog Names

Let your dog help you choose his (or her) name.

My dog, Chase, came from a shelter. I have no idea who gave him his name, but my husband and I chose to keep it because it fits him perfectly. Chase is completely calm inside the house, but as soon as he gets outside… look out! I’ve spent half of the seven years we’ve had him chasing him around! Someone at that shelter knew that the name Chase fit him perfectly, and we had to agree!

If you take the time to get to know your dog’s personality before naming him, he might very well “choose” his own name, too.

When considering names for your dog, you might also want to look closely at your dog’s physical appearance. Jet is one of those cool names for black dogs , while Cashew and Popcorn are cute yellow Lab names.

Keep it simple and easy to understand.

A short name – preferably one or two syllables – is best. So, if you just can’t resist naming your dog Dandelion or Pumpernickel, try shortening it to Dandy and Nicky for everyday use.

Also, avoid names that sound too much like commands, and especially keep away from any name that sounds like a reprimand. For example, “Sid” sounds too much like “Sit!” and “Beau” sounds like “No!”. You want your dog to respond happily when you call his name, not to think you’re scolding him!

Don’t make your dog a laughing stock.

Before you decide to go for a name that gets a laugh, bear in mind that your dog will have to live with this name for the rest of his life.

Although he might not know the meaning of the name, dogs are very perceptive, and he will know when people are making fun of him. Anyway, is that really the perception that you want people to have – that you think your dog is ridiculous? If you want your dog to have dignity, then it’s best to give him a name that both of you can be proud of.

Choose a name that will grow well with your dog.

Have you ever met an adult person and thought, “What were his parents thinking when they named him”? Well, the same holds true with dog names. Names like “Tiny” and “Baby” might fit a puppy just fine, but not so much when that puppy grows into a 75-pound adult! Again, you don’t want your dog to be a laughing stock, so make sure that his “puppy name” will work just as well as his “adult name”.

Be aware that your dog’s name will affect how people view him.
Just as people unfairly stereotype dogs based on their appearance, they do the same thing based on the dog’s name. Giving your dog a “tough” name like “Killer” might seem cool to you, but it will also make people afraid of him, even if he’s the biggest puddle of sweetness east of the Mississippi. Is this image really fair to your dog?

Choose a name you will enjoy for years to come.

Have you noticed how people are getting back to the basics with their kids’ names? It seems that after a while those “unique” names get tiring, while the tried-and-true classics never seem to get stale. Consider this when you are picking a name for your dog.When you are choosing a dog name, think about whether the name is one that you will enjoy saying thousands of times over the years.

If you feel it is “cool” now but could grow old rather quickly, it’s probably best to skip it in favor of a name both you and your dog can grow comfortably into throughout his life.

With all that being said, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to stick to just one dog name for your pet. People have “nicknames”, and so can dogs. In the course of a given day, Chase is “Potato”, “Sweet Potato”, “Monkey” and even – I can’t believe I’m saying this – “Stinky Butt”!

And for anyone who thinks that dogs can only remember and respond to one name, I have to respectfully disagree. Whether I’m using his “real” name or his nicknames, Chase comes running!

So, perhaps the most important thing about choosing a dog name is to forget all the rules and let your heart guide you. Just like it guided you into picking your perfect dog, it will guide you into picking your perfect dog name.
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