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Know About Canine Gout

Gout in dogs, even though it is rare, does exist. When it does present itself, it is very common to gout in humans in that it will mainly affect the dog's paws as well as the toes on the paws. Canine gout will also affect the dog's neck and elbows and has even been diagnosed in a dog's tongue. Even though gout in dogs has been diagnosed in these many locations, it is most commonly found in the dog's hind feet.

Owners of dogs with gout may notice a lump and/or bleeding on one of the dog's paws or on the dog's toe, there may be lesions in a location on the dog's paw, toe, neck or elbow that has a white, chalky substance seeping out and the dog may have blood in its urine. Other symptoms that may be observed are lumps on the dog's neck, the dog may need to urinate more than usual but have less urine, the dog's urine may appear gritty and the dog may just seem unhappy.

Diagnosing canine gout will be done by a veterinarian once the dog's owner has noticed these symptoms appearing. A diagnosis will probably be done by the vet taking a short medical history, a physical exam and a blood test. The blood test will determine the amount of uric acid in the dog's blood which is the cause of gout in dogs.

Treating gout in dogs is very similar to treating gout in humans. Most vets will prescribe Allopurinal which will reduce the amount of uric acid in the dog's blood. But, the dog owner should be aware of the side effects of Allopurinal, which includes cramping, nausea, diarrhea; pretty much just an upset stomach. Another treatment for canine gout is to change the dog's diet. The uric acid found in the dog's blood is related directly to the dog's diet and changing the diet will often times be the necessary treatment for this disease. A dog with gout should be fed a diet low in protein and high in fat. The dog owner may find other home remedies that work, such as apple cider vinegar added to the dog's water or emu oil massaged into the area on the dog's body where the gout is flaring up.

Anyone who has suffered from gout can definitely relate to the pain that a dog with gout is experiencing. But, with proper care and treatment the dog can have some relief and will be capable of leading a life that is as normal as possible for a dog with this disease. The main thing the owner will have to do is to watch the dog's diet, just like a human with gout.

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