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More about The Blue Heeler dog

The Blue Heeler, also recognized as the Australian Cattle Dog, Queensland Heeler and Red Heeler is a breed of herding dog developed for herding in Australia. Australian George Elliott developed this breed in 1840 by mixing Collies and native Dingoes with other herding dogs. The Blue Heeler is adored by Australian ranchers and cattlemen because of the breed's work ethic and toughness. These dogs rapidly became well-liked as cattle herders.
The height of the Blue Heelers is 17-20 inches and the weight ranges from 30-35 pounds. Blue Heelers come in blue merle or red speckle. Blue merle is blue or blue-mottle with or without blue, tan or black markings on the head with tan. This breed's coat is waterproof and short and needs brushing only when necessary.

The Blue Heeler is an intelligent, high-energy and active dog. They are not satisfied with just sitting about the house for hours continuously. This breed will persuade you to go outside with them for play and exercise.

Blue Heelers can be one person dogs, like most herding breeds. They as well have an exclusive independence and do not have a need of hugging or affection. This breed will be grateful for positive feedback and proper handling, though firm and tough. At times, the Blue Heeler's herding nature can abruptly show up. They may try to "herd" their human family and nip gently at their heels if the dog desires something.

If nipping tends to be a problem, a toy can resolve this dilemma. Make sure it is a tough one since Blue Heelers can destroy a usual dog toy to shreds in minutes. Always keep your Blue Heeler on a leash since they are extremely inquisitive and love to wander and roam. In addition, they will sometimes have problems with dogs that they don't know.

The Blue Heeler is not a barker but they are nonetheless very protecting of their home. This breed can be guarded and distrustful-a trait that enables them to be outstanding watchdogs. These dogs are sociable and affectionate companions as well.

Blue Heelers require activities, responsibilities and tons of room to run and play, consequently, they are not appropriate for apartment living. This breed is capable of getting into mischief and destructiveness. Blue Heelers are capable of being easily trained and they require a firm hand managing them so that they don't form a relationship with another dominant dog in the neighborhood.

A Blue Heeler in good physical shape usually lives 12-15 years. A few common health concerns with Blue Heelers consist of hip dysplasia, eye problems and deafness.

If you are looking for a strong, intelligent, high-energy dog that loves to work for you, then the Blue Heeler might be the dog for you.

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