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Parvo Killed Dog: Warning Signs to Look For

Parvo Killed My Dog: What Warning Signs to Look For, in My Personal Experience

My Flea, my love, good-bye, my sweet, my baby, my friend, I miss you, good-bye...

Parvo killed my dog today. I'm an emotional wreck, I'm having a hard time even writing this down, so please bare with me. I wanted to share this now, and early, because Parvo kills fast with minor warnings, and it's this time of year when Parvo is most likely going to be spread to your dog.

Parvo attacks puppies and small dogs more than it does adult dogs, but don't think your pooch is safe from Parvo just because he is older. Parvo attacks lining in the dogs intestines, which causes diarrhea which can become bloody, depression, and vomiting. If not treated fast enough the dog will lose all of it's nutrients and electrolytes.

Flea died in 24 hours, thats how deadly it was. She was brought to the vet the day before and the bastards told us she was fine. The next day we brought her in again due to her being lethargic. A few hours later she died. I'd like to formally thank that the piss holes over at 24 hour emergency vet for telling us she was fine the day before, while she suffered for the next 24 and died. Thank you. You suck.

You see, an 'I'm sorry means shit, when they're handing you back your dead dog, when less than 24 hours earlier you were told 'the dog has a cold, she is fine'. You see an I'm sorry means nothing, and an I'm sorry cannot bring back what was taken from me.

They diagnosed her Parvo in hours the second time we brought her back. You see, the way I see it with 24 hour vets is that they won't treat your dog with proper diagnoses if it's not half dead when you bring it in. I'm very disappointed in the care my dog received. When we brought her in the first time, she was fine, yes, sickly yes. But relatively okay. If they would have kept her a little longer, if they would have looked a little closer, they would have seen my dog was asking for help, my dog wanted help, my dog wanted life, and they carelessly miss-diagnosed her, which in the end cost her, her life.

I can carry on in a pissed off manner for all I want, but really anger gets me nowhere but back to tears and punching walls. I figured I would direct my energies towards something good. A warning about Parvo, and signs to look for in your dog.

Parvo is extremely contagious, and the virus can live up to 5 months if the conditions are right. It is transmitted easily. If a dog carrying Parvo pees and your dog steps in it (even 5 months later), they can get the virus. If your dog rubs noses with an infested dog, most likely he or she will get Parvo. 
Parvo can also be spread by eating feces containing the Parvo. There have even been cases of people giving you dog Parvo. If their dog has Parvo and pets your dog later on, the disease can be spread.

So now you know how easily it spreads, and the methods to avoiding it are actually somewhat difficult. I have learned though that Parvo is most likely found in areas where lots of other dogs are, or have been. 
1. City parks 
2. Petco 
3. The ocean or beach

These are your hot Parvo spots. All areas in which dogs love, and their owners love taking them. We already have come to the conclusion that Flea picked Parvo up at the ocean 2 weeks ago, and it showed it's true colors at around day 5 after picking up the virus. 
Summer time is the best time for Parvo to live and spread. You bring your dog out more in the summer time.

You do not need a vet to tell you what to look for when it comes to Parvo. I, the owner of a dearly beloved Chihuahua who has died from it today, am here to let you know what to look for.


1. Complete loss of appetite 
2. Depression 
3. Inside out sneezing 
4. Weight loss 
5. Diarrhea will come out when the Parvo is at it's worst stage. Vomiting is also present at this time, but if you notice the warning signs BEFORE this occurs, you have a much greater chance at saving your dog. Diarrhea and vomiting is what will eventually kill the dog. Loss of electrolytes which will result in death in a fast manner.


After Flea died I went online and actually found an entire slew of people who claim their dogs have Parvo yet these owners do not have the money to afford the bill. This pissed me off more than the death of my dog. Knowing there are more dogs literately starving to death because of a selfish owner. Parvo causes diarrhea and vomiting, the death these dogs suffer is equivalent to starving them!

I was reading forums about stupid careless owners giving drops of bleach to their Parvo dogs to kill the virus! This is completely untrue, giving your dog bleach will kill it faster than the Parvo. Whomever the sick bastard is that recommended this should be shot. 
You are supposed to wash YOURSELF with bleach and water if you think you may have come in contact with a Parvo infected dog. Don't let your dog drink it!

Take your dog to the vet if you know it's got Parvo, don't try to cure it yourself by using some deathly method recommended online! 
If you cannot afford a $3,000 bill, than you should never have gotten a dog. My dog, who is now dead left me with a bill for $3,000. Luckily I was smart enough to know that pet care sells pet insurance for only $17 a month. All you dog owners out there should sign up now if you know what's good for your dog, and for your budget. It breaks my heart to read about poor pet owners who don;'t give a damn about their dogs well being. It sickens me really.


I have read, and was told by the vet that a Parvo vaccination is not fail proof, and they are still unaware of whether or not it could save a dogs life who gets Parvo. 
Basically the Parvo vaccination is a waste of money.


If one of your dogs has Parvo you must clean everything with bleach and water. Bedding, furniture, toys, floors, and even the yard. In the yard be sure to hose it down, and pick up any feces you can find. 
Soak the yard in bleach, it will kill the grass yes, but wouldn't you rather have a dead lawn than a dead dog?


1. Adult dogs can be carrying Parvo without it even effecting them. If an adult dog is has runny feces keep them the hell away from smaller puppies and dogs. 
2. Parvo cannot be spread to cats, only other dogs. 
3. Your dog has a 50/50 chance that he or she will die from Parvo.


Don't always trust your vet, I should have known better, I knew something was definitely wrong, but when the vet said she was fine I took her word for it. You know your pet, if they are not acting themselves force them to diagnose the dog again! Keep a close eye on your dog when they are acting out of character, any odd signs is a trip to the vet. Don't wait!

Overall, this piece was not to make you paranoid, it was to make you aware. Just because the vet says a dog is fine, it does not always mean they are. Be sure to MAKE them check for Parvo if you notice your dog is not acting the way it normally does. It is more widespread then people are even aware of, and I honestly knew nothing about it, until my dog died.

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