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Should You Dress your Dog Up?

Halloween came and went, and with it we saw thousands of photos of adorable dogs in costumes showing up in almost all the different social networking sites on the Web. Thankfully, our pets don’t know what embarrassment is, remaining oblivious to the fact that people find it cute to see dogs in wacky and ridiculous clothes.

However, some dog owners are dressing their dogs up even if it’s not Halloween. This raises the question, “Is it ok to dress up my dog?” After all, many of our pet dogs sleep in the same bed with us, eat the same food and are treated the same manner as we treat ourselves, so why not go the extra mile for them as well?
Dog custume
Why dress them up

There are many reasons why people dress their dogs up. Like humans, clothing is used as protection. Rain coats and sweaters are useful during rainy and cold days to help keep them warm, especially if they don’t have naturally thick fur or if they’re paralyzed like in cases of DM in dogs.

But besides this, people dress their dogs up because of the attention and their own enjoyment. Walking your dog while it’s wearing a shirt or dress will definitely make people look at it. Dressing them up also gives you more time to bond and play with your dog.

Why not to dress them up

Dressing them up can cause them to become uncomfortable when moving around. Some clothes could be too tight for them and they could have difficulty breathing. Dogs that have physical disorders like DM in dogs will find these clothes as a hassle. These could even cause injury to their backs or hips.

It’s also possible that the dog could get a rash or get some kind of allergic reaction to the fabric. Although it’s not common, it’s definitely a possibility. Small accessories and designs can also poke them and cause discomfort. Left over detergent after cleaning the clothes might also cause damage to their fur.

To dress or not to dress them?
Overall, it’s fine to dress your dog up. It’s always nice to see something cute on your pet and the clothes will help keep them warm and cozy. However, never assume that your dog actually likes wearing these cloths. If you notice that your dog wants to take the clothes off or shows signs of discomfort, take the clothes off.
Dog custume

Dog custume

Dog custume
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