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Stress Relief in Pets

The hustle and bustle of our everyday lives keeps us in a state of anxiety and constant stress. What are the common stress-busters that you can possibly think of? Immediately, exercise, meditation, yoga comes to your mind. Some might think of shopping, a walk at the park or an indulgent feast of your favorite foods.

While friends and family can keep you happy and cheer you up in the midst of a stressful day, studies have shown that pets can apparently become stress busters and a long-time social support. Nothing beats the comforts of home when after a long day at work you are being greeted by a pet that has nothing but undying and unconditional love and attention, just ready to snuggle and keep warm.
Stress Relief in Pets
It is now fairly well known that having pets is a stress buster; that having a warm, loving furry friend to care for and who cares for you in turn can be very good for lowering your stress levels. Even the loneliest of people can find refuge in some dependable and loving companions. We hear about blind men and women being led by their guide dogs for a walk. Mostly, they are called seeing-eye dogs that virtually act as the eye for their blind and disabled master.

Why do people find stress relief in dogs? Here are the several reasons why:

Pets do not give conditions. No matter what they will be there for you through thick or thin. They do not have demands, no ‘ifs’, ‘ors’ and ‘buts’. A pet provides unconditional love that builds you up in every way possible especially your self-esteem and self-confidence. Loneliness can be easily eradicated with a pet dog or cat or any pet for that matter. The stress of being alone can no longer be felt when you are with your pet. In fact, when you have a pet, there is someone you can talk to anytime. Pets give the sense of responsibility and reinforce the nurturing instinct. Human beings have the innate capacity to love, nurture and care. When you have a pet, you become aware of your responsibility to nurture your pet, making yourself preoccupied with the idea of nurture, thus overcoming loneliness, stress and anxiety. Pets require you to walk making exercise an everyday routine. Exercise releases stress and a simple walk can easy some troubles away. Pets are therapeutic. Just watching at a koi pond for a long time rejuvenates tiredness and stress. Even those goldfish in d aquarium are stress relievers. According to an article from Grimshaw, “While stronger pet-owner bonds usually lead to the greatest stress relief, even brief encounters can create improvements. In one study, patients who spent a short amount of time with a dog before upcoming treatment operation experienced a 37 percent reduction in their anxiety levels, perhaps because the animal's presence helped distract them from their concerns.”
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