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The Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is quite famous as a cat breed, defined by its stocky body build and solid silver-blue hued coat. Also famed for their “bonding instinct” with their human masters, the Russian Blue’s natural status as a cat breed has made it the subject of a lot of attention, from cat lovers confessing to actually wanting to own one at one point in time.

The 2001 released live action-CGI feature Cats & Dogs featured a Russian Blue character, whose dark hued coat made it distinct and stand out from the rest of the other cat breeds featured in the film.
Russian Blue
As appealing, and as exotic, as the Russian Blue in Cats & Dogs appeared, real Russian Blues are actually just as appealing and just as exotic, with their eyes almost always a dark or light shade of green.

Ascribed to have originated in Arkhangelsk in Russia, the Russian Blue’s blue-hued coat is technically a toned down shade of black, resulting to a solid bluish-grey coat color. Their physical characteristics are essentially no different from other short haired cats, minus the fact that they actually have two layers of thick short fur.

Naturally curious and distinctly intelligent, the Russian Blue is also known for its capacity to adapt, along with its penchant for clam surroundings and ambience.

But apart from the Russian Blue’s natural inclinations for tranquil mindsets, they are also quite interactive with people, with the breed notorious for playing a game of fetch with their masters from time to time.

In fact, Russian Blues are among the few cat breeds known to be sensitive in detecting the moods of human beings, allowing them to behave in accordance to how their masters are feeling.

Intelligent, physically healthy and naturally beautiful, those in search for a cat breed that stands out from the rest will find a lot to love about the Russian Blue.
Russian Blue

Russian Blue

Russian Blue

Russian Blue
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