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Are Pickles Healthy for Dogs?

Pickles are often suggested as a remedy for dehydrated dogs. Dog owners should be cautious about administering pickles and pickle juice to their dehydrated pets.


Dehydration results from not drinking enough water. Hot weather is a common cause of dehydration, but a dog can become dehydrated in any climate.

A dehydrated dog will seem tired and depressed. One way to test for dehydration is to gently pinch and release the skin between a dog's shoulder-blades. A dehydrated dog's skin won't snap back smoothly when released, but it will remain bunched for a moment and settle slowly.


Dehydration causes a dog to lose electrolytes, which negatively affects its nervous system. Pickles and pickle juice are full of electrolytes, and can help raise a replenished nervous system to normal levels.


Pickles and pickle juice are also full of sodium. Sodium can worsen your dog's dehydration. Too much sodium is deadly for dogs.


Pickle juice must be diluted before given to a dog. The extent of dilution depends on the size of the dog, but the ratio of pickle juice to water should be very small in any case.


A dehydrated dog needs to see a veterinarian. Your veterinarian will take safe steps to rehydrate your dog and advise you about pickles and pickle juice.
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