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Dog Grooming/my dog smells no matter what i do

I have a female white pit bull. She is my baby, well cared for. Lives in the house. I bathe her with the best doggie shampoos, she does not have fleas (frontline). The thing is, she stinks. When I come in the house, there is this stench on her, like an old sock or something. I keep her bedding clean, spray her with all kinds of stuff like "Stinky Dog Gone," doggie perfumes, still she stinks. It is like her body chemistry or something. Not her breath, like her body in general. Is there some medical condition I dont know about that causes this? It is causing a real problem with me and my husband because he constantly complains about her smell. She is only 3 yrs old and is otherwise a perfect dog. Oh, and when she goes outside to bathroom and then comes back in or if she has excercised, she really stinks for a while. Like a sweaty person, only i know dogs dont sweat. Any imput you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks.....Oh, my husband said he could tell she was going to stink as a puppy cause she didnt have a pleasant odor (like cute puppy breath) when she was young. She wasnt bad, just not normal. I dont know how true this is, but that is what he says. I know some people have like a bad body chemistry, you know, not that they are not clean, you just dont like the way they smell. OK im not crazy, just give me something. 

From what you describe to me it sounds as if you might be correct in that it is her natural skin oils releasing this odor. 
Have you taken her to the vet for this problem? I am not a vet, but there is a possibility that she has a 
bacterial infection in her skin. Or even a parasite. 
I use a homeopathic recipe for dogs with a strong odor or who have been sprayed by a skunk. It works great and it
does help to eliminate the smell.
Mix together 16 oz. of peroxide , 1/4 c. of baking soda
and 3 tsp. blue dawn dish soap in a 32 oz. jug .Add 1/4 c. of the strongest smelling shampoo you have on hand to aid in forming the lather. After putting these things in the jug, fill the jug up with water . Use this mixture to give
the dog a bath . Work up a good lather and let sit on the
dog for about 3-5 min. If the dog starts getting restless
just start working the shampoo agian. Rinse the dog well.
If you don't it leaves a residue which will dry out the skin
and cause her to itch.
Once you've rinsed her off give her a second bath with
children's baby shampoo. 
If this doesn't seem to do the trick then talk to your
vet about the possiblity of bacterial infection or parasites. 
I hope that I have been of some help. If you need to 
feel free to contact me agian. Goodluck and God Bless
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