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Grizzly Bear Facts

As countless children’s books, comics, movies and stories would attest, the Grizzly Bear is one of the world’s most well-loved among forest creatures, popularized by its large “hearty” size and its generally docile nature.

Essentially a sub-species of the North American Brown Bear, Grizzlies were under the spotlight in the Open Season trilogy of movies, with Open Season 3 being the last installment.
Telling the story of how Boog, the main protagonist of the movie, got involved with Russian Grizzly Bears who were part of a traveling circus troupe, the movie looked into different aspects of the life of Grizzlies, with a two-fold approach in showing the life of free, wild Grizzlies and those kept in captivity.

Though everyone is quite aware of how Grizzly Bears can well adjust to controlled domesticated habitats, not everyone is aware that they are the largest known land-based predatorial mammals, a standing that is seconded by the Tiger.

However, though they are predators and are at the top of the food chain in their habitats, their diets regularly consist of nuts and berries, along with fruits, roots and leaves.

Also, though Grizzlies are typically depicted as slow moving creatures due to their size, they are actually quite fast, with the Grizzly’s top running speed rated to be somewhere close to 48 kilometers per hour.

As a threat to human beings, the Grizzly Bear is known to be one creature that is best avoided, regardless of their status as “passive” creatures. In fact, people are always advised to keep their distance when a Grizzly Bear is around, most especially when a mother Grizzly Bear is with her cubs.

Though not exactly liable to attack unless provoked, countless efforts by different sanctioned enforcement agencies do what they can in controlling instances when Grizzly Bears meet with human beings or human populations.

Smart and highly adaptable, Grizzlies are truly among the more majestic and interesting of Mother Nature’s creatures.

 Grizzly Bear Facts
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