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how do I single out a specific dog?

I have more than one dog. Since it is not good to use a dog's name when correcting it how do I single out a specific dog?

The reason you do not want to use the dog’s name when correcting him is because it is not good to associate a dog’s name with anything negative. A name should only be associated with positive things. When communicating with a specific dog you want to use body language towards the dog you are correcting. Think of yourself standing around a bunch of humans.

 There are ways to let a person know that you are referring to them without saying their name; the same holds true for dogs. Some of these ways include making eye contact, walking towards them, leaning towards them or pointing at them. Another method that some like to use is to give each dog a second name or pick a sound that you only use when that particular dog is being corrected. The name or sound should not sound like their real names yet they should associate it with themselves. Other humans and yourself should not use their “correction names” when you are calling them to come to you, asking them to perform a behavior, etc.

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