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How should I approach a dog I do not know

Question: How should I approach a dog I do not know? For example: you go for a visit and meet a dog that seems to be alpha in the house?

It is best not to approach the dog at all, but rather ignore him and allow him to approach you. Don't touch him, don't bend down with your hand extended, don't talk to him, and don't make eye contact. If the dog walks over and smells you it does not mean the dog wishes to be petted.

 Dogs get a lot of information about someone by smelling them, and just because a dog smells you does not mean he wants you in his space touching him. Remain confident and strong-minded.

 If you are nervous, anxious or scared, etc., the dog will read your emotions as weakness and will be more likely to react in a dominant manner. If the dog jumps on you, the dog needs to be corrected by you. A jumping dog is a dog that is stepping into your private space, which is disrespect in the dog world
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