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Indian Grey Mongoose: A Ruthless Cobra Killer

Cobras are among the subtle yet ruthless; cool yet cunning and cold-blooded predators that grow up to 12 feet in length, the King Cobras reaching up to 18 feet. These reptiles are known to expand their neck ribs to form a widened hood when they are threatened or when there is imminent danger. They can easily rear-up and spread their necks to project an aggressive and ready-to-pounce-at-a-prey stance. These slithery creatures are venomous and we can only count with our fingers, certain animals that
can put up with the cobra’s innate monstrous and killer drives. Cobras are normally shy but when threatened they can also be very aggressive.
Indian Grey Mongoose
Yes, a few maybe but we can only surmise that the mongoose, most especially the Indian Grey Mongoose is the best of its kind. Who can actually imagine a furry and sneaky mammal like the mongoose can literally fight with the cobra regardless of its deadly venom. The Indian Grey Mongoose (Herpestes Edwardsii) also called the Common Grey Mongoose lives predominantly in Sri Lanka and Southern India although some of its known species can also be found in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Southeast China and other parts of India.

They love to dwell near where humans live because they like places with vast cultivated farmlands and thick vegetation where they can easily burrow and create holes. Just like the cobra, they are predators themselves with their extremely quick reflexes ready to make a kill and thick hide that protects them from other prying animals.

Its tails is quite long typically between 14 to 17 inches in length. In fact, the length of its tails is at par with the length of its body making equilibrium its edge and the ability to balance its stronghold. These mammals are not so heavy weighing about 2 to 4 pounds

Of all the animals in the wild, the mongoose, particularly the Indian Grey Mongoose has their favorite meal. Although they love to feast on rats, small birds, mice and other rodents, they want to indulge in reptiles like lizards and… believe it or not, cobras! The Mongoose is the only species that is widely known for its great agility and speed, killing cobras and loving them as their favorite meal.

Their capacity to engage in a fierce battle with a cobra and other poisonous snake species is extraordinary. Furthermore, their ability to attack and eventually kill these potentially dangerous reptiles is brought about by its exceptionally dense course fur as well as its lightning-like speed that can make any prey its palatable menu anytime of the day!
Indian Grey Mongoose

Indian Grey Mongoose

Indian Grey Mongoose

Indian Grey Mongoose
Indian Grey Mongoose Video
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