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List of Fruits and Vegetables Dogs Can Eat

Certain fruits and vegetables, such as onions, tomatoes, raisins, potatoes and grapes, contain acids, seeds and enzymes that are highly toxic to dogs. For this reason, you must use caution when choosing healthy snacks to give to your dog. Some fruits and vegetables provide excellent health benefits and can make wonderful supplements if used in moderation.


Canned pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber for dogs. You can supplement it with your dog's regular food, or serve it separately as a treat. Feed your dog canned pumpkin only in small doses, because too much pumpkin may lead to diarrhea.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens provide humans and dogs with essential vitamins and nutrients. These vitamins and nutrients are essential to the diet of any canine. Try feeding your dog cabbage, spinach, collard greens and other leaf vegetables for healthy doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, protein, fiber, calcium and other nutrients.


Oranges are a healthy, non-toxic treat for dogs, as long as you serve orange portions in moderation. Due to their natural sugar content, oranges may contribute to canine obesity if you make them a regular part of your dog's diet. An occasional orange snack, however, poses no health risks. Grapefruit can also serve as a healthy citrus snack.


Peas provide calcium, magnesium, potassium and other nutrients without harming your dog. Try mixing them into your dog's regular meal for added nutritional value. For best results, use fresh peas and avoid the frozen variety.


While apples can make a wonderful snack for dogs, but they do come with one caveat. Apple seeds, in very large doses, can cause a dog's body to detoxify. For this reason, you should always core apples and cut them up before serving them. Like other fruits, you should serve apples to dogs in moderation.


Carrots also make an excellent addition to the canine diet. Raw carrots provide nutritional benefits and promote healthy teeth as your dog spends time chewing the hard surface
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