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My puppy is scared to walk out the door. What should we do?

Question: My puppy is scared to walk out the door. What should we do?
A few days ago we got a Boxer pup. He is now 11 weeks old and is a nice and humble fellow. One thing that worries us a bit: when we take him on walks, he seems to be terrified of the outdoors. He sits at the open door and just stares outside. We literally have to pick him up and carry him outdoors. Once outdoors, he acts like nothing happened, exploring and walking around just fine. How should we handle this?

Your little fella just needs time. He is unsure and you cannot rush insecurity. Try coaxing him out using treats (positive reinforcement). Picking him up and taking him out the door will not get him over his fear; he needs to take the steps on his own. 

Be careful not to give any affection when he is scared or unsure, as it will increase his worry. He is looking to you to be strong for him, something to feed from, a strong leader. You need to be that leader for him and he needs to sense things are OK, that you have the strength to keep him safe. To communicate that to him you need to be confident and strong. He will feel it
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