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When do I start to walk my puppy?

When do I start to walk my puppy? Right now she only sits when I try to walk her... We made it around the block one day but that was it! Help?

Now is the time to teach her to follow you. She might not be the easiest dog to walk because she is so small but bring treats and/or a favorite toy and make it fun. 

You will be teaching her to follow and now is the best time to start. After you get the actual walking down and the pup will walk while on a lead, which you can do by walking backwards with food in your hand as she tries to eat it, slowly begin practicing heeling on a lead. Teach her to not pass you (pack leader goes first); she should be following you. 

That will be the foundation of your relationship. Keep it positive and happy. Food always helps. For those slightly older energetic pups that insist on pulling from side to side and smelling everything, keep working at it, do not give up. The time you put into these younger years will be well-rewarded when the dog is older and larger. Be aware of her energy level and what she can handle at this time. Meaning, don't OVER-walk her for miles and miles. Use your best judgment on the amount she can handle, but do walk her daily.
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