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Why do Dogs Smell?

So why do dog’s smell? Well, there are a variety of reasons and factors that contribute towards the dogs overall odor. In this article you will see some of the factors which affect the dogs overall smell and also some of the main contributing factors towards making a dog smell. There are a variety of reasons as to why dogs smell, and there are a variety of ways in which a dog’s smell can be removed to make it more of a pleasant smell.

The first and most obvious one is bodily odor. Bodily odor is often caused when a dog has not taken a wash in a while, this odor can be the worst of the bunch as it persistent and strong. So what can be done to prevent bodily odors coming from the dog? Well, the most obvious answer is to make sure that the dog has regular washes and keeps clean. Keeping clean is very important in preventing bodily odors coming forth, if you can keep a dog clean you can prevent bodily odors from developing.

Another reason as to why dogs will smell is sweat, dogs just like many other animals will sweat, this is only natural after say exercise. If a dog becomes too warm it can sweat also, but the majority of sweat does not actually cause bad smells. It is when the wet sweat combines with any material or dirt that is already on the dog’s fur. This can create a stale and damp smell which can be very unpleasant at times; of course this is something that can be easily solved by giving the dog a wash. Though not all sweat causes a bad smell, there is still some sweat which will cause a bad smell, to prevent this you can simply give the dog a wash as always. Preventing bad smells is easy and the majority of the cases can be prevented by just giving the dog a wash.

The next reason as to why dogs smell is probably quite a common one, when a dog is outside playing it can often roll around and play in dirty environments. This can leave a lot of dirt and grime on the dog’s fur coat; this then is projected and is made visible when taken into a closed environment such as the house. Of course, a wash can easily fix this, but when washing it is best to be thorough and safe because you have to be aware that the dog could have stepped or rolled in anything outside.

The final reason as to why dogs smell is probably the most common reason. Dogs, just like humans have to excrete, and when doing so it is often that some of the excreted material is left around the exit point, this can give off a terrible odor and preventing it can be quite an annoyance. The truth is that when it occurs you can quite easily remove it, but you have to be careful and be protected. Since a dog has to excrete waste on quite a frequent basis it is common that it can develop into a regular and nuisance of a smell. So it is always important to attend to it as soon as you smell it.

Smells can easily be neutralised, some smells are stronger than others and it may take more effort to remove one smell over the other. So the best thing to do is analyse the situation and use your judgement to decide on how to deter the smell, that is if you own a dog of course. A trained dog may have ways of preventing these smells, but many untrained dogs could simply roam free and pick up any sort of smell or germs, so cleaning them is very important. It applies to all dogs of course; keeping clean is the best way to prevent smells and promote healthy living. Hopefully this text has taught you some of the reasons as to why a dog smells as well as a method in which you can deter the smell. Remember, smells can be neutralized, just evaluate the situation and act.
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