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why dog's ears go down around owner

I have a 4-month-old puppy whose ears stand up. Whenever she comes around me she puts her ears down but her tail is wagging. She likes me very much and gives me kisses. Can you tell me why her ears go down around me?

I have not seen your dog around you, but going by what you say without observing I can tell you that it is not necessarily a bad thing. A dog that is submissive of another being will slink themselves smaller and put their ears back. A lot of people misread dogs when they see them puffed out proud with their ears erect thinking it means the dog is happy, when in reality it is the way a dog who believes he is alpha reacts. If your puppy puts her ears back and lowers her head that is a sign of respect. The fact that her tail is wagging and not tucked under leads me to believe this is the case. Your pup respects you and it is a good thing. Keep being the pack leader that you are. Lowering the head, ears back and curling into a circle are signs of submission. A dog wants to know who is boss so they can be secure. The pup is acting towards you the way she would act towards her canine mother. Make sure you stick with showing her the rules so she can keep looking at you as her leader. It makes for a happy dog.
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