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Good TV Shows for Dogs

By Bear, Canine Guest Blogger

Howdy! Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been allowed to write a post here, you know my mommy always wants to say things her way. Besides I’ve been a little busy lately… I’ve become a couch potato!

When Mom has to leave the house she always leaves the TV on for me so I don’t, as she says, destroy things. I really don’t, but when I hear things outside and want to see, I sometimes have to climb up on her desk or on the table near the window. Okay, sometimes I might put my paws on the windowsill and maybe the curtains get pulled down if there’s a cat or another dog in my yard. Hey, I’m just letting them know they are trespassing!

Oh yeah, back to the story… so, she leaves the TV on and turns it up to drown out other sounds, then she leaves. I don’t know why this woman thinks an intelligent dog like me is going to be interested in children’s cartoons; it’s obvious she hasn’t a clue about a doggie brain. I have figured out how to find the shows I want to watch, and let me tell you there is much better programming on for pets than cartoons!

Did you know there are entire channels dedicated to food shows? That’s right; I can curl up on the sofa and watch people cook all sorts of yummy foods. My favorite is Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives with that spiky haired Guy Fieri – boy, he finds all the best food!

When I’ve drooled a nice puddle and am tired of wishing I could eat what’s on the television, I move to the other end of the sofa and choose another show. There are lots of shows on Animal Planet that are great fun for a dog to watch.

My favorites are the Puppy Bowl, agility training and competitions, and the Westminster Dog Shows. I’ve even seen dogs playing flyball there! I don’t like the Animal Cops shows because they make me sad. I’m so well taken care of I can’t imagine having an owner treat me badly like some of the poor cats and dogs on that show. I always change the channel when that comes on.

Mom doesn’t like me watching the show called Bad Dog because she says it will give me ideas and I am bad enough without inspiration. Again, y’all can clearly see that I’m not a bad dog. I’m a smart dog who gets bored. Maybe if she would spend less time on the computer and more time playing with me, I wouldn’t do bad things! How hard is it to close the laptop and take a break to play fetch for a while? But I digress.

Anyway, I found the Bad Dog show and a few others while Mom wasn’t home. Hoooboy, I picked up some great tricks. Did you know you can easily trick your owner using a simple diversion and get out without a leash on? Yup, I saw it happen. Now if only there was another dog here to create the diversion so I could get out and go visiting. Mom always tugs my leash to make me walk past this house down the road; I really want to stop and smell and get acquainted with the 2 big dogs that live there, because they look like a lot of fun! I also learned some nifty ways to sneak CANIDAE treats and get Mommy to play when she doesn’t want to.

The best show for dogs and doggie moms to watch is My Cat from Hell, boy oh boy if you thought you liked cats you should watch this and change your mind. No wonder dogs are man’s best friend – those felines are flat out crazy!

It’s a dog’s life for me these days. I’ve got a full bowl of water, plenty of yummy CANIDAE food and a comfy couch in front of the television. Care to join me?

Photo by Suzanne Alicie

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