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Persian cats including long-haired cats that much-loved people. Persian cats have a wide face, a snub nose, long and dense fur makes the cat looks cute. May be due to a long and thick hair as well as the nature of quiet, elegant and pampered, which is one hallmark of Persian cat race. Persian cats are caged easier, relatively quiet and more suited to live in the house. Based on the length of fur, consisting emergency persian cat two types of long-haired (long haired persian) and a short-haired (exotic short hair). Persian Cat Head large and rounded, short nose and wide with a clear gap with the eye boundary. Strong jaw and wide, full cheeks supported prominent cheekbones. When Cats Persian viewed from the side, the forehead-shaped nose and chin perpendicular. eyes are round and wide open, eye color associated with coat color. Long and thick, shiny fur, covering the entire body. Thick furry tail, straight, long in proportion to the body. Persian cats easily adapt to a variety of places, love to play and easy to love. Expression of the sweet face with nature to sit quietly and sleep in one spot for hours, quiet and soft-spoken.

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