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Somali Cat

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Somali cat race is a version of "semi-long hair" from the Abyssinian. About 1920 s / d-1930s, from a breeding program, this version of the semi-long hair which appeared spontaneously. Some Abyssinian kitten has a tail with a thick fur, fluffy brush-like and long hair that covers the entire body. Somali cat was originally developed in the United States, a cat caused by genetic mutations. Somali include the type of longhair cat (long haired), with color ticked.
Long hair gene is recessive (lost / covered) compared with the short hair gene. circa 1960s American breeders began developing a long-haired Aby and registered as a separate race called Somali. New Somali in 1978 is considered as one race with genetic traits are stable and have a class of its own role in the contest held by the Cat cat fanciers Association (CFA). In 1991 the organization's cat enthusiasts English (Great Britain Cat Association) recognize and participate in the contest allowed Somali cat.
  • Appearance Somali Cat
Somali is a cat-sized body and muscles are well developed. Sepertihalnya Abyssinian, Somali has also ticked tabby color pattern is more often called agouti tabby. Somali is a semi long hair cat with large ears and bushy tail feathers like a fluffy fox tail. There are four primary colors are recognized Somali race in America, namely: Ruddy, red, blue and Fawn. Tabby color pattern is characterized by a pattern of lines like the letter "M" above the eyes. Characteristic agouti tabby is having two or three stripes of different colors on each strand of hair. Unlike most other long-haired cats, hair loss in cats Somali less. Usually "feather fall" This happens regularly on a long-haired cats. In Somali, hair loss / hair dressing only happens twice a year.
  • Temperament Somali Cat
Somali cats are very social creatures. Somali happy to play. Somali cat is a cat who is active, and friendly, and inquisitive. Somali has a quiet nature and gentle, high-pitched snoring.

somali cat info pets kitten animal domesticFor more clearly you can see pictures of this Cat Somali.

somali cat info pets kitten animal domestic

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