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Africa National Park

In Africa there are many different species of animals and their whereabouts are still growing, although some populations declining numbers of certain animals. Therefore animals in Africa are protected by the government, even from other countries like America, Autralia and the other countries involved to help and preserve the animals that still live in Africa. In Africa there is a huge zoo of "Kruger National Park" located in southern Africa, where "Kruger National Park" is the largest zoo in Africa. The animals in the zoo's nearly all been terbisa with humans so that they are tamed, although when we visited in which we must obey the rules made by the zoo, so that does not happen it is in want, because basically animals have a wild nature.

kruger national park africa cheetahCheetah in feed by pungjung in Kruger National Park, Africa.

kruger national park africaWalk with young lion

kruger national park africa elephantMeet the elephant in the Kruger National Park

kruger national park africa
Bison population

kruger national park africa rhinos
Rhinos eat on the road in Africa National Park

kruger national park africa hippopotamusPopulation of hippopotamus were swimming

kruger national park africaMeet with a lion who was walking across the street.

kruger national park africa
kruger national park africa giraffes

kruger national park africa lion
And many more animals are very interesting, such as reptiles, insects, aves species ect.
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