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do bull terriers get along with other dog

Bull Terrier Advice? Getting Along With Other Dogs?

I currently have two dogs. One is a 3 year old male Miniature Schnauzer. We've had him since he was a puppy. About 2 years after we got the Schnauzer, we adopted a female Shar-Pei/Lab mix. They both get along really well. The female is spayed, but the male is not neutered. We were recently offered the opportunity to adopt a male Bull Terrier (Spud/Frankenweenie). The bull terrier isn't neutered, but it's still a pup. Does anyone have any experience with Bull Terriers and other dogs? Would the fact that both of the males aren't neutered be a problem? Any thought or advice would be appreciated.

bull terriers are very hard to handle, even though they aren't the biggest things. they will try to be top dog, especially males. unless you plan to breed, i would not recommend keeping him unneutered.
another issue that you might find absurd (i assure you, i'm being serious) is that male bulls like to hump everything. this can be frightening to kids and smaller dogs, and it might start fights with bigger dogs. i was at a show once and i was walking my dog around when a bull terrier jumped out from under a judging table and latched onto my leg. they are strong. they can bruise you.
on the british show… i can't remember the name… they help people train their dogs. one episode was with a hyperactive, obsessive humping bull terrier. it took neutering and tons of training before anybody felt safe around him. so clearly this breed has a reputation.
of all the breeds i've dealt with, this is THE most difficult to handle. if he's still young you hopefully have a chance at instilling some manners and self control. if you do, he will be an awesome dog. if you don't, he might be a nightmare
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