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Mixed Breed Dogs

Mixed breed dogs are not always perceived to be superior to pure bred pedigree dogs, but for what they lack in consistent breeding they make up for one general distinction – with mixed breed dogs, no two breeds are alike.

Odie, from the acclaimed Garfield strips by Jim Davis, remains to be a popular “mixed breed” dog of sorts, given the fact that his breed has never really been talked about or explained.
Described to have the looks of a beagle (given the shape of his ears) and the personality of a Golden Retriever (sans the intelligence factor Golden Retrievers are known for), Garfield: The Movie featured a half dachshund, half terrier set of dogs (two of them, a brother and sister) which played the role of Odie.

That solves inquiries pertaining to the dog breed which played the Odie role in the movie, but the comic strip Odie’s breed remains to be an unconfirmed beagle, with some mixes involved.

As a term, mixed breed refers to the type of dog which doesn’t have a definite breeding ancestry, the product of cross breeding among dog breeds over a number of generations. As a term, it is one which can be described as a misnomer, given the fact that many pure breed dogs are actually artificially cultivated with human intervention involved, while mixed breed dogs are borne without any human beings cultivating their breeding genealogy and breeding direction.

Given their mixed histories, pegging the personality and physical traits of mixed breed dogs isn’t as exact when compared against pure breeds, along with identifying genetic-disorders or known medical conditions linked with a particular breed.

Though this may come as a downside for potential mixed breed dog owners, the unclear genealogy of mixed breed dogs doesn’t mean that they are inferior to pedigree breeds. In a sense, the fact that no two breeds coming from different litters says something about how unique mixed breed dogs are, which makes them more stand out when compared against singular pure bred canines.

Mixed Breed Dogs
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