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Seals, with their “cuddly” looks and furry forms, are popular in plushie toy circles, a status which is attributed to their endearing appeal among children and those who are children at heart.

The 1994 movie Andre, told the tale of how a family got to befriend a sea lion, a heartwarming tale about how much impact the seal had in the life of a little girl. Based on a true story, the movie tells a story which happened during the 1960’s, and ultimately managed to raise concerns of over marine wildlife conservation and the impact human societies have in the ecologic balance of nature.
As members of the marine wildlife population, seals come in two species, with the Otariidae (seals with ears like the sea lion and fur seal) and the Phocidae (seals without ears like the harbor seal).

As popular as seals are, the fact that they are actually carnivores is not a well known fact. The fact that they are linked to have evolved from land-based mammals is also another not well known seal fact.

The term seal is actually one which applies to 32 known seal species, with the Galapagos fur seal said to be the smallest of the species growing up to 4 feet, as the Southern Elephant Seal is said to be the largest, growing up to 13 feet.

Another not well known fact about seals is that there are actually seal types who are at home in tropical waters, which means that they are not strictly found in cold zones and waters. Seals, as hunters, primarily have a thing for squid and/or fish, and they use their whiskers in detecting or sensing their prey.

Though they are mammals, seals are also physically built to stay underwater for a long time, with certain species capable of diving in for two hours.

As marine animals, seals are tied closely with other creatures, like whales and whale sharks. Generally trainable and graceful, seals have captured the fascination of young generations year in and year out, with their cute looks and silly seal antics.
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