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Tigers are among the most recognized among large cats, even ascribed to be the veritable symbol of conservation and eco-awareness, given the fact that a number of organizations have used the image of tigers in countless campaigns and programs geared for environmental conservation.

The 1964 feature titled A Tiger Walks looked into the tale of a circus tiger, who, after escaping from its enclosure, became the subject of a mass hunt, with people intent on having the creature killed, save one little girl.
An inspiring tale, the story delves into the challenges often faced by eco-conservation advocates, where the priorities of human beings are always put over the safety and conservation needs of Mother Earth’s other residents.

Tigers, as large cats, are ascribed to be the largest and are famous for their black strips and orange coats. Like how fingerprints are unique to human beings, the stripes of a tiger are unique as well, with the strips above the tiger’s eyes similarly shaped with others, with differences in the rest of the body and the tiger’s face being a prominent form feature.

Apart from the orange and black stripes, white tigers are known to exist, oftentimes the result of inbreeding among species. As such, white tigers are not always found in the wild given the fact that most inbreeding instances with tigers occur when they are kept in captivity.

As tigers, white tigers are similar in form with orange and black striped tigers, differing only with their deep brown stripes and blue eyes, with some white tigers having no stripes at all.

A “black tiger” variant is known to exist, but only one specimen, a pelt taken from illegal traders, stands to be the only proof of their existence. Based on the specimen, black tigers have all black faces and backs, with stripes falling down on the sides of its body.

Being one of the world’s endangered species, tigers have long captured the fascination of people, given their allure in being mysterious, as predators who can be loving and gentle at the same time.

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