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Doghouse Benefits and Care Tips

Dog owners do not really think about giving their dog a doghouse. It can be a hassle to build and they would rather keep the dog inside the house with them. But a doghouse actually offers a few benefits that will keep your dog happy.
dog house
Protection from the heat or cold

The main benefit of a doghouse is to give your dog some protection against the weather. Your dog needs to go outside for their daily exercise and providing them a shaded area gives them a nice resting space.  A semi-open doghouse is a good resting place for dogs that have physical imparities or dogs that have degenerative myelopathy.

Personal spaces
With a doghouse, your dog can have their own little private space. Dogs are naturally territorial, so giving them their own area will keep them happy.

Somewhere to retreat

A doghouse will also give your dog a small place to hide. If you live in an area near the woods, wild animals might come roaming around your back yard. Your dog might become afraid and need a space to hide. A doghouse is perfect for this.

Tips for doghouse care

You need to take good care of your dog’s doghouse so that it will last for a long time and ensure that your dog is safe inside it. A doghouse that has a removable roof is easier to maintain. It is also the best type of doghouse for dogs that have degenerative myelopathy.

Wash it

Clean and wash it out every week. Dogs mark their territory by urinating in the area, so you have to make sure that the house is clean inside. The dog could have also shed while inside the house so just make sure you regularly sweep out any fur.

Paint it

Make the doghouse look good by painting it. Use paint that does not contain any harsh chemicals in it as your dog might lick the walls and be poisoned from it. Some dog owners prefer to get doghouses that are made from materials that do not need to be painted, however, try to avoid plastic doghouses since these do not really offer good ventilation against the summer heat.

Repair it

Once you see that there are damages on the doghouse, repair it as soon as possible. You don’t want your dog to get hurt from splinters or nails that are sticking out. Check your doghouse routinely—an ocular inspection is enough.
Dog House

Dog House

dog house

dog house
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