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The animated film Bolt, released in 2008, tells the story of an actor dog who believes he has actual superpowers, just like the character he portrays on the TV show he’s in. Although Bolt is the central protagonist of the film, he doesn’t provide the most comic moments. That distinction belongs to Rhino, a hamster who’s fearless and obsessed with TV, particularly Bolt’s show.
Rhino is a Syrian hamster, one of the many species of hamsters known to pet owners. Hamsters in general are great pets for children, but they may not be the best pet for children with small and curious hands. Each breed or species of hamster is known for its own unique traits—something owners will have to take note of if they plan on buying and taking one home. Syrian hamsters, also known as Golden and Teddy hamsters like Rhino for example, should never be kept in a group, else they will fight aggressively with each other, sometimes to the death. Other hamsters on the other hand, such as the more exotic Roborovski hamsters, always fare better in groups.

Hamsters are largely low maintenance pets. Once you’ve done your research on the kind of hamster you want, you can then proceed with the essentials.

First, you have to make sure you buy healthy hamsters from the pet store—some of them wont’ be in the best condition, so be careful.

Second, you’ll need a place to keep your hamsters in. Many pet shops have easy-to-assemble enclosures for hamsters, so just take your pick.

Third, you’ll need to buy bedding. Stay away from scented bedding, as this often gives hamsters respirator problems.

Fourth is food. You can buy seed mix from the pet shop. Just make sure they contain fresh and healthy ingredients. You don’t want too many sunflower seeds in your seed mix, as the stuff is guaranteed to fatten up your hamster.

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