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Molly Fish

If you are still trying to master your fish-keeping skills, then start with an aquarium with a couple of molly fishes. These fishes are the ones you commonly see in aquariums, aside from goldfishes, and are the ones that used for feeding larger fish.

Due to their prolific breeding traits and growth, mollies are known to be a highly sought-after feeder fish. They are commonly placed in an aquarium to feed larger fishes like Arowanas. They swim in groups or schools, often with four or more pairs. 
Much like other tropical fishes, they prefer to be placed in a warmer tank. A water temperature of 80 degrees F will work nicely with them. They also need a high PH level, more or less about 8 PH, for the water. Many fish keepers would advise to place about a teaspoon or a teaspoon and a half of salt for every gallon of water in the tank. These fishes breed very rapidly, so expect your female mollies to get pregnant in no time.

Mollies give birth to their baby fishes directly, which means that they do not have to lay eggs as most fishes do. Most aquariums acutely sell pregnant mollies, so you will not have a hard time starting out. Pregnant mollies are identifiable with their giant, round abdomens. Remember to get your mollies in pairs so that they continue to breed after the female molly gives birth.

It’s very easy to identify if the molly is male or female. Female mollies have larger bellies compared to males and they are noticeably larger in size. They all have the same color, commonly a dark brown or copper brown. The tank needs to have plant material where the molly babies can feed on. 

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