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prepare for your old dogs death

The death of a dog is never easy and sadly there is no route to fast mourning. This will be painful for you and your family. My first suggestion is to speak with your vet after the tests come back. Ask him what amount of pain the dog is in and how it will progress. I would also suggest asking how the illness will progress as well........while euthanasia may seem inhumane right now some illnesses toward the end can be very traumatic for both the dog and yourself. Knowing what to expect will prevent you from having a shock if things turn ugly toward the end. Once you are armed with the knowledge of what your dog will be going though you can better decide how you wish her passing to happen. If you feel a natural route is best then ask your vet about pain killers for the dog as well as ask him if there are any treatments or medications that will make this easier for her. If you feel the end may be to much for your girl then speak with your vet about euthanizing. Your vet can do this in office with you and the family surrounding her. The procedure is painless and you can be there holding her as she gently falls asleep. The last thing she will remember is her loving owners holding her while her pain disappears and she is falling asleep.

Losing a dog is a painful reality, while you know deep down that dogs can not live forever that does not mean you are ready to lose her just yet. There are things you can do to help as well. A memorial or even a funeral is a option, while some owners choose to let the vets office dispose of the body others chose to have a burial at a pet cemetery or on their property (Check your local burial laws on this one). Either way a funeral will allow you to grieve and know there is a place to go when ever you feel the need to. You can also be more creative with this by making a donation to a non kill shelter or erecting a small memorial for your dog. Some owners have been known to have a memorial brick done or name a star after there pet. All these things can help you get over this and give a warm feeling when thinking of your pet. When you are ready for a new pet it may be a a good idea to consider getting a dog from a kill shelter. This will save a dogs life and be a nice way for you to give back to your dog by saving another dogs life.

In the end time is the best medicine for a grieving owner......know that your dogs life was filled with love and joy unlike many others out there and that she lived life to its fullest loving and trusting her owners to make the right decisions when it came to her life. The love for a dog is pure......unlike other loves a dog always will love you and you will love her back unconditionally. It is that love that your dog will take with her when she leaves your side. As she was truly blessed to have such loving owners.
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