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Royal Canin

Royal Canin was first established in 1968 in the small village of Aimargues, located in the Camargue region of southern France. The brand started out as an idea by founder and veterinarian Jean Cathary, who sought to create food specially formulated for recurrent eczema in dogs, which he linked to adverse reactions to certain foods.

Since its early years, Royal Canin has always made sure to align itself with the needs of dog breeders looking for complete and nutritious dry dog food. The success of the brand’s dry foods has drive Royal Canin to constantly develop new dog foods using the latest equipment and breakthroughs in pet food research and development.
Royal Canin is known for a number of things. For starters, it’s the first brand to develop a type of dog food specifically designed for large breed puppies, after taking into account veterinary findings that large breed pups needed more protein compared to smaller breeds to grow properly. This took place in 1980, and nearly two decades later in 1997, Royal Canin once again made another first by developing dog food formulated for the needs of small, medium and large dog breeds.

Royal Canin has stood out for being a premium brand of dog food formulated to meet what the company calls the “4 Major Parameters of Dog Health Nutrition.” These are age, activity level, physiological state and breed/size. Interestingly enough, other dog food makers have followed Royal Canin’s suit and have taken the same approach to formulating their own food products for both cats and dogs.

Today, the Royal Canin brand is recognized for taking a new, holistic approach to dog health and nutrition by offering specifically formulated pet foods aimed at specific dog and cat breeds.

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