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The Baryonyx

The Baryonyx may not be as popular as the Tyrannosaurus Rex or the Velociraptor, but as dinosaur movies come, its species was highlighted in a feature length animated blockbuster without many even knowing about it.

Featured in the 2009 released Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, an abnormally large Baryonyx named “Rudy” managed to bring some light to the dinosaur species, known for only containing one species and also known for being among the few fish eating dinosaurs.

A carnivore, the Baryonyx wasn’t exactly as large as “Rudy” in Ice Age 3 was, but it did measure 28 feet long, with estimates pegging its weight to be somewhere within  1,7000 kilograms, based on analysis and study of a single Baryonyx specimen.

With a crocodilian like snout/nose and a thumb-claw which measured 9.8 inches, the Baryonyx must have been an impressive predator during its time, with its serrated teeth and massive powerful jaws.

As a fish eating dinosaur, a specimen from England was discovered to have fish bones and scales in its stomach, standing as confirmation or proof that it did have a thing for eating fish. For the longest time, the Baryonyx was considered to be the only confirmed fish eating dinosaur until the Suchomimus, a close cousin of the Baryonyx species, was discovered.

Analysts have noted distinct similarities between the Baryonyx and present day crocodiles, with similar physical attributes found in both extinct and still-alive species. For one, both the Baryonyx and crocodiles have sharp-angled snouts, which pretty much allows the crocodile to readily catch its prey and not allowing it to easily get away.

Large and built with serrated teeth and claws, the Baryonyx stands to be one of the more mysterious types of dinosaurs, with few specimens found for extensive research and study.



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