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Why Do Cats Make Purrfect Pets?

By Rocky Williams

As a cat, I can’t think of anyone more qualified to extol the virtues of my kind. I do, after all, have firsthand knowledge of all the things that make me (and every kitty in the world!) the greatest pet anyone could ever want. Granted, some felines persist in making sure that old stereotype of the independent cat remains alive and well, which tarnishes their own “Purrfect Pet” medal just a bit. Even so, I still believe we win paws down when compared to other, shall we say, less purrfect pets. No need to get specific, I think you all know who I mean…woof!

Size Does Matter

One thing that makes us cats awesome pets is that we are small, which means that even if you live in a teeny tiny apartment, we’ll adapt. We don’t need a yard – we can get all the exercise we need just by shredding your couch! Throw in an ottoman and some catnip toys, and we’ll worship you for life. No wait, that’s what that “other” pet does. Cats worship only one … themselves.

Our small size also means we don’t need to eat mountains of food, which is easy on your budget and your back. You can even spring for the really good stuff – that would be FELIDAE cat food and TidNips treats, naturally– and you won’t keel over from sticker shock at the pet food store.

We’re Low Maintenance

Cats are lean, mean self cleaning machines. We take our bathing duties seriously, so don’t even think about taking over for us unless you want your arms to look like they just went through the wood chipper. Training a cat consists of showing us where you want us to sleep, so we’ll know to avoid that spot at all costs. Hey, leave your sweater on the bed and you’ll always be able to find us when you come home!

The Healing Power of Purr Therapy

The Warden says nothing gets her body back into balance quicker than a contented cat on her lap, purring away. Opinion aside, there have been actual research studies done which have shown that the health benefits of owning a purring pet are real and substantial. Supplement the purr with a little biscuit making (sans claws), and you’ll be healthier and happier than you ever could’ve imagined!

A Pest Free Zone

One big advantage to having a cat around is that we really do dispatch any mouse, rat, fly, spider, bug, lizard or other creature foolish enough to venture into our domain. That comes in handy if you’re like my Warden, who screams like a banshee when a spider does that “surprise drop” in front of her face. All she has to do is yell “Rocky, get in here right now!” and the itsy bitsy spider won’t be crawling up the water spout any more.

The Fun Factor

Us cats know a thing or two about how to make our humans grin wide enough to eat a banana sideways. Whether it’s napping in the turkey roasting pan, doing a back flip while chasing a feather toy, or licking a bare toe that’s sticking out from the bedcovers, there’s just no shortage of funny things we’ll do to elicit a laugh.

Headbonks Rule!

The Warden says that if she could just bottle up that euphoric feeling she gets when one of us kitties gives her a good ol’ headbonk, she’d get rich and create world peace at the same time! I’m not so sure about the world peace thing, but I do think my “headbonks in a bottle” would sell like hotcakes …don’t you?

Photos by Julia Williams

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