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CANIDAE Transforms Skinny Pups into Robust Athletes

By Julia Williams

As a writer, nothing makes me happier than finding out that the words I’ve penned have made a difference. Whether it’s an article that helped a pet owner, or ad copy that effectively communicates a product's attributes, I am always thrilled when my contribution has a positive impact. I think every person who loves what they do feels the same, and so does every company who loves their product.

CANIDAE is no different. This family-owned company was founded out of love for pets and the desire to provide the finest natural nutrition for them. Every heartfelt testimonial CANIDAE receives from a customer is another affirmation that what they’re doing is working. I’m sure it makes them proud, as it should.

I wanted to share one such testimonial and a follow-up with you today. It’s about two beautiful dogs who will be CANIDAE customers for life. Why? Because the food made a difference in the dogs’ lives. And like I said, that’s what it’s all about.

The Original Testimonial 

“We love our boxers like family. Tuckerman came to us from a breeder in March 2008.  He was very thin, and was a picky eater. Getting him to eat on a regular schedule and put on some needed weight was a challenge. We searched in vain for a food that both met our expectations for nutrition and quality ingredients, and that Tuck would enjoy. We found that food in CANIDAE ALS.

About 8 months later we rescued Layla, who was also quite thin. Her previous owners advised us that she was not a big eater and was picky. A bag of the food they were feeding came with her. No wonder she wasn’t a big eater – a cursory glance at the ingredient list and quick sniff test, and that junk food was trashed. She went on CANIDAE immediately and it turns out Miss Layla is a total foodie! In fact, it was a challenge to keep her from stealing Tuck’s breakfast and dinner daily.

That was 3 years ago, and to this day they both finish their meals in record time and are always looking for more. Moreover, both dogs are at ideal weights for their breed, have beautiful coats, sparkly eyes, and bright white teeth. CANIDAE has transformed skinny, picky puppies into robust, nourished and thriving athletes. Thank you CANIDAE!” - Josey, Darrin, Tuckerman and Layla

The Follow Up

I recently emailed to ask how their dogs were doing now, and received a lovely update.

“Tuckerman, who was always a very thin dog, has finally passed Layla on the weight charts.  He no longer elicits the “What do you feed him?” question because he's so thin, but because he is a healthy, robust boxer boy with great definition and a shiny, healthy coat.

In contrast, Layla has a propensity for gaining weight easily and has suffered a knee injury.  This injury made it necessary to strictly limit her physical activity for a few months which created a major concern for us in keeping her at a healthy weight generally and that would be conducive to recovery.

Other dog owners and our vet frequently question how we were able to successfully both bulk up Tuck and regulate Layla.  The answer was and is always a proud:  “CANIDAE ALS.”  The quality of the food is remarkable and definitely distinguishable from any other food we have tried.  It is more than apparent that both dogs thoroughly enjoy their meals and always seem satisfied upon quick completion. Likewise, we are satisfied with their healthy weights, clear eyes, shiny and thick coats, and clean teeth.

Beyond the health and wellness of our dogs, we believe CANIDAE ALS is reasonably priced, consistent in both quality and availability, and provided by an ethical and responsible company.  These virtues go a long way with us, and are conducive to us going a long way with CANIDAE. We also appreciate the Loyalty Program and make good use of it. CANIDAE will have a customer for life!”


It really doesn’t get any better than that.

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