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Cats and long distance traveling

Cats and long distance traveling has always been considered as a simple affair, generally involving cats and pet carriers.

The 1974 critically acclaimed Harry and Tonto, though not exactly all about the rudiments and dynamics involved in traveling with cats, retold the tale of a retired New York teacher going on a cross country adventure with his pet, Tonto.
Re-exploring the world once more, the adventure-comedy-drama starred Academy Award Winning Art Carney, and pretty much showed the life of a retiree who embarked on a “pilgrimage” of sorts in visiting family, old friends, and making new friends along the way.

To the tune of how the movie defined the relative ease cats can travel with their companions, traveling with cats isn’t as tough as most would think, with certain considerations over a given cat’s health and “travel accommodations”.

What’s Needed for Cats and Long Distance Travels

First of all, a trip to the vet is necessary for any cat traveling to take place. This first step is quite self explanatory, and would prove to be beneficial for cats which are sickly. Cat owners could also raise certain particulars about their cats, and can gain veterinary interventions for cats who are prone to be skittish when under stress.

Second, a well spaced and well vented cat carrier (or pet carrier that isn’t too overly large for cats) has to be on hand. Optional pet accessories such as a cat harness or body leash could also be brought, though not all cats are okay with the idea of being “tied” with their masters.

The third step would require some fact-checking in the part of the cat owner, mostly in looking into travel accommodations which welcome pets.

Not all buses, airlines, hotels, resorts and other travel-inclined services and amenities are open to pets, thus the importance of gaining first hand information regarding travel options with cats.

This, however, doesn’t mean that there is a shortage of cat traveling accommodations, but is a step which every pet owner should consider in avoiding problems during actual travels.

Once the cat is deemed to be fit for travel, the comfy cat carrier is chosen and travel plans have been laid out, you can then begin your journey with your cat.



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