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Common Problems of Big Dogs

Most dog owners have a small- to medium-sized pet dog that they can easily take care of. However, some dog owners actually prefer to have large dogs as pets, for reasons ranging from intimidation factor (for guard purposes) to preference.

However, it should be noted that taking care of a large dog won’t be easy. If you’re a big dog owner, you’re likely to face a few common challenges when caring for larger breed of dog.
Big Dog

This is the number one problem when it comes to keeping large dogs. You can not expect to let a Great Dane live inside a regular sized apartment in the middle of the city. Larger dogs will require a larger space to move in. It would be best to keep these dogs in farms or in homes that have big yards where they can run around and play.


When it comes to health, expect big dogs to have some problem with their bones and joints due to their size. They are also commonly affected by nerve and vein problems such as DM in dogs, which often results in full body paralysis. It’s also important that they are given the right amount of exercise and rest. Talk to your veterinarian about activities that you can do with your dog to keep them active and healthy.


As puppies, big dog breeds will need just the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Too little nutrients often leads to poor muscle and bone health, while too much will cause growth spurts that results in weak muscles and bones. Proper nutrition is also the only way to help stop genetic illnesses like DM in dogs to develop when they are older.


Larger dogs are obviously more expensive to take care of compared to smaller ones. They need more food and use more dog care products like shampoo and vitamins. If you are planning on getting a large dog breed, you have to make sure that you can afford to keep up with its upkeep.


If you do not train your dog correctly while it is still young, it might develop a negative temper. While they are still puppies, it’s best to teach them how to act around people. This helps with control to assure that the dog does not act negatively towards other people. 

The point here isn’t to dissuade you from getting a large dog, but rather inform you of what you’re getting into when acquiring a big pooch. Large dogs are great as companions, and when treated right and trained properly, come out as gentle giants.
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