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Iguanas, as pets, have long been misunderstood, considered to be dangerous and deadly to have around.

The 1998 Hollywood remake of the blockbuster hit Godzilla, managed to add to the iguana’s already misunderstood standing, with the remake reimagining Godzilla as a mutated iguana, growing into a gigantic monster with the capacity to destroy New York.
But as countless iguana pet owners would confess, iguanas are far from being the monsters their outward appearance has led many to assume of them, let alone the monster illustrated in the 1998 remake of the Japanese classic.

Quite docile and quite cool tempered, iguanas are actually popular in exotic pet circles, described as the preferred scaled pet of choice given the relative ease involved in their care and upkeep.

Though certain specifics have to be considered with where an iguana’s enclosures or pens are being talked about, ample lighting – preferably with UV benefits – stand to be one of the must-have essentials required in keeping healthy pet iguanas.

In terms of feeding, iguanas are more inclined to diets of vegetative nature, with the occasional inclusion of insects and small bugs. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are popular among iguanas, though certain species have been found to not work well certain vegetables and flowers.

As with most domestic animals, an iguana bite is not unheard of, though their bites are not venomous. Still, an iguana bit hurts, and depending on where a person is bitten, significant medical attention and treatment should be immediately administered during such occasions.

Generally cool, calm and collected, iguanas may strike the average casual observer as a deadly creature, but beyond its monstrous form, they are actually humble creatures which prefer not to be bothered because of their looks.

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