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Kittens Warming up to being like Dogs

Kittens, as the young of cats, are known for being cute, cuddly and fun-loving innocent felines, somewhat a contradiction to the often-met snooty and insufferable natures of adult cats.

Though far from being anything like to the real thing, the 1988 Animated Disney feature Oliver and Company looked into how a kitten managed to “grow up” with dogs, a story which tells the tale of a kitten which had maintained its loveable and loyal nature, resulting to a cat with a dog-like personality.
As the movie may have been positioned as such for entertainment purposes, many cat and dog lovers have tried their best to induce some “positive” influence into the personalities of kittens as they grow up with dogs around.

Given the classic animosity shared between cats and dogs, one would think that such a setup is an impossible thing to actually occur, but anecdotal evidence would note that kittens growing up with dogs does lead to the development of adult cats whom are more sociable with humans and keen on even following certain voice commands.

Generally, kittens grow up best with the company of others, with having two kittens growing up at the same time often considered to be ideal by most cat lovers. Kittens growing up with dogs does not really result to a constant war in the house, given that in time, kittens and dogs would successfully manage to forge a certain relationship, with the dog influencing certain “doggy traits” into kittens.

Though not exactly scientifically proven, if you’re concerned about how a new kitten would fair with the company of your family dog, things may be rough during the first few months of them getting to know each other, but given time, that relationship could certainly bring about a different kind of cat who is more cooperative and loveable.


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