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Pedigree and non-pedigree dogs

The subject of pedigree and non-pedigree dogs were pivotal to the success of the 1955 animated Disney classic Lady and the Tramp, where the lives of a street-smart mixed breed and a Cocker Spaniel were entwined in a romantic tale.

With the movie’s main focus still relevant in bearing its significant importance until today, questions pertaining to which is better, “a pedigree breed or non-pedigree breed of dog?” is known to be older than the movie, standing as a question which many have asked over the years.
Pedigree and non-pedigree dogs
Exactly which of the two is better? or Is there even a difference at all? is commonly asked by many, with different answers orbiting around one common consensus reply: there’s really no difference, save perhaps when purchase price and breeding necessities are involved.

Generally, there’s really no difference between having a mixed breed or a pure breed dog, personality-wise. Though certain pure breeds are liable to have extremes with their temperaments and/or with their dietary requirements, pet experts generally agree that the love and care which one expresses to a dog doesn’t matter with where pedigree is concerned, matched to the degree of affection one can experience with a dog, pure breed or not.

Their major difference in terms of price, however, takes shape in non-pedigree dogs being valued as “cheaper” to purchase, while pedigree dogs are more expensive. Also, for those with plans and intentions to breed their dogs, going for a pedigree dog is best in keeping a dog’s breed and bloodline intact.

Bottom line, just as with the lesson imparted in Lady and the Tramp, pet owners shouldn’t set up preferential treatments over the type of dogs under their care.
Pedigree and non-pedigree dogs

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