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Rats and Amphibians

Rats and amphibians remain to be members of the exotic pet category, kept by a select group of persons who see them as interesting companions.

Pivotal in the storyline of the 2006 CGI feature Flushed Away, the voice talents of Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Ian McKellen, Jean Reno and Bill Nighy gave life to a unique cast of creatures, creatures which most societies would classify as vermin – rats and toads.


Telling the tale of how a “high class” rat found his way into the real world where his kind is unwanted, Flushed Away looked into the similarities between rats and frogs, focusing on how they survive in a typical urban setting.

As pets, rats and amphibians like toads or frogs are far from being considered to be mainstay domestic pets, pegged to be part of the exotic pet variety. Typically housed by pet owners in enclosures, their respective upkeep generally requires pet owners to “remake” their natural habitats, giving them the necessary natural essentials they need to survive.

However, rats are somewhat more versatile with this habitat necessity than toads, with some pet rat owners allowing their wards to roam free around the house, only inhibiting them from going outside. Though this may sound like rats have one point over keeping amphibians as pets, a number of pet rat owners have confessed that letting a rat loose in the house isn’t exactly 100 % safe for the rat and the household.

As there is really nothing wrong with keeping rats and amphibians as pets, their unpopularity as standard domestic pets is defined by the company they keep, liable to be not as interactive as cats and dogs are.

Still, there are many out there who find them interesting pets to have, and even with the extra chores and pet keeping particulars which come with their keeping, lovers of rats and amphibians confess that they have no problems accommodating the needs of their opted exotic pets.


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