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Search and Rescue Dogs

Search and Rescue Dogs are often mistaken as “rescue dogs”, given that the two dog classifications bear a word – rescue – which means two different things for each of the two types.

The subject in the 1905 silent movie classic, Rescued by Rover, search and rescue dogs are actually working dogs which are smart enough to be trained to take part in organized search and rescue operations, with the classic silent movie successfully depicting the vital roles and capabilities inherent in search and rescue dogs.
They are different from “rescue dogs”, in the sense that rescue dogs or rescued dogs constitute a type of dog which had been rescued from animal shelters and/or dog pounds, hence the name “rescue dog”.

Generally, the involvement of search and rescue dogs in rescue operations entail wilderness searches/tracking, with their involvement in search operations after natural disasters or mass casualty events being also well documented and known.

Though a specific search and rescue dog breed is not exactly formally defined, dog breeds with tuned senses and physical constitutions are often opted for different search and rescue operations, including airscenting, tracking and trailing.

Climate also plays a vital role in which dog breed is best in taking the role of a search and rescue dog, along with the overall temperament or composure of a particular breed playing a vital role in assessing a search and rescue dog’s role in search and rescue operations.

Given a search and rescue dog’s sharper and keener senses, their active involvement in search and rescue operations have helped such operations accomplish their goals, saving lives as they go about their duties as rescuers.

As trained professionals, search and rescue dogs take their duties and responsibilities seriously, helping those who are in need of help however way they can.

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